If you wish to get into online trading, then you will have to get to grips with what is indeed one of the most integral factors of this process – the electronic trading platform. What is also known as an electronic trading exchange, or an online trading platform, is a digital programing system run on a computer network which is utilized for the placing of orders, the trading of information and data, related to products being traded, as well as for the authentification of users, and their performances which will involve various operations and trading operations.


All of this sophisticated trading effort happens through the most advanced systems that companies such as Weiss Finance possess. You can also share in some of the world’s most sophisticated online trading hardware and software by joining the team!


A Modern Means of Trade


Every single day, countless financial products are traded across these sophisticated trading platforms. These systems run across communications networks that are supported by financial intermediaries, or in other cases, directly between those pledged to a particular trading platform.


You can find more or less every type of product movement on online trading platforms, including commodities, bonds, currencies, stocks, and derivatives, which are constantly being activated through affiliated investment banks, stock exchanges, market makers, and brokers.


These platforms will permit the electronic or online trading levels that people all around the world require, which can then be activated from any location in the world, as opposed to floor trading which would rely on the more lengthy and slow processes of telephone based trading and open outcry.


In many cases, the trading platform will be used as a reference for just the software’s smooth running. In 2017, we have reached heights where online trading software has become so incredibly intelligent and developed, that the entire process of trading (which would have been a comparatively cumbersome process a couple of decades ago) can be accomplished in a very timely and smooth time.


Staying Live


One of the most integral and rewarding aspects of online trading and its peripheral data feeds is just how up to date one can stay with current market figures and trends. You are basically assured a form of trading that is completely concurrent with a second-by-second stream of market details.


You will always be able to access live market prices when you trade online, and have access to all manner of other trading tools, such as management functions, and news feeds. With some types of platforms, there has been a directly designed implementation which permits people entrance to a level in a financial market that would formerly have only been accessible through specialized trading institutions.


Such firms would include those that permit margin trading with regards to forex and derivatives like contract for difference. They could also have been built to directly trade certain types of sensitive strategies which have been based off a collection of technical analyses, or have something to do with high-frequency trading.


Basic Terminology


You know what trading is, but what exactly is a platform? Basically, a platform is a certain kind of computing mainframe or operating system – like a database or similar kind of collective software that is run through things like microprocessors, specialized computers, or similar types of computing hardware, which are utilized to process and run a certain kind of software.


One should not confuse the term ‘trading platform’ with ‘trading system’ which is more likened to a trading strategy or method, rather than a complex series of machinery and its software used to run complex financial systems.


The Beginnings of Online Trading


You may be surprised to know that the beginnings of electronic trading platforms can be found in the 1970s, during which the traditional methods of handling agreements between counterparties and brokers would have been handled using analog systems.


Here we saw the foundations of dark pools, electronic communication networks, and it wasn’t long before the major trading firms began catching on to the new trends in online trading. We soon began to see a gradual shift from the early 20th century’s styles of trading to this new convenient form, which anyone could use practically.





What is an Electronic Trading Platform?

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