Tilling is a great way to add color, style and functionality to a room or a surface. Even if you know how to tile, you can always learn a few tricks, so that you can do a better tiling job. Here are some ideas that will help you to tile like a pro.

Clear out the area

Before you start tiling, you need to clear out the area to be tiled. This will save you so much time and energy that would have been spent moving things around after you have started the job. For instance, remove any doors, fixtures or appliances that will get in the way. This will prevent you from having to work around objects, which could ruin your workflow.

Prepare in advance

It is important that you first lay out the tiles in the design that you want. Then measure and cut the tiles. If possible, measure twice, so that you get the right measurements. This will ensure that the tiles fit in exactly as you want them. Do all this before you open the grout. This will make your work so much easier once you start laying the tiles.

Clean the tiles

Clean up the tiles before you use them. Make sure that they are dust free and free from bite sized pieces of tiles. This will ensure that you do a professional looking job, as there will be nothing stuck over or underneath the tiles. This could ruin the appearance of the tiles and make your work not look very good.

Use a wet piece of cloth to clean up the tiles. Let them first dry before you use them.

Use the right tools

Ensure that you have all the necessary equipment before you start working on the project. This includes a tile cutter and grout. There are also different types of trowels in tiling. Make sure to pick the right one, depending on the size of the tiles.

Take care of imperfect surfaces

Not all surfaces are level. It is important to use a leveling tool to find out whether the surface you are working on is level or not. If the surface happens not be level, make up for this when you are applying adhesive on the tiles. Apply little or a generous amount of adhesive, so as to correct the problem and end up with level surfaces.

Buy smart

Do not buy the exact number of tiles that you need. Buy a little extra. This is just in case some tiles get damaged while you are laying them out. You might even need a couple of tiles to carry out some repairs some weeks or months down the line.

Having extra tiles ensures that you have similar tiles to complete the job. If you buy tiles at separate stores or on separate days, you may end up with tiles of different shades, which can get you into trouble, since you won’t have the same seamless look around your house.



Top Tips for a Better Tiling Job

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