Whether going through a separation, divorce, custody battle, or other conflict in family court, men have often been at a disadvantage. Many law firms focus on helping the women in these situations and, similarly, courts often side with the mother in family courts. For that reason, it’s especially important to hire an attorney experienced in family law and one with a good track record for helping men in these situations.

A New Option Comes to Northeast Ohio

When it comes to family law, there is one law firm in particular which concentrates on helping male clients find justice in family courts. That law firm, Cordell and Cordell, has plans to open a new office in northeast Ohio. Specifically, the satellite office will be located in Independence, Ohio at 5005 Rockside Road, Suite 600.

The new office in Independence is intended to supplement legal services along with the existing office in downtown Cleveland. The Cleveland office, which is found at 600 Superior Ave., Suite 1300, opened with one attorney earlier in 2018. The new office in Independence will also have one attorney, who will specialize in representing male clients in family law cases.

A National Law Firm Backed by Experience

While the new office will focus on servicing clients in the northeast Ohio area, Cordell Cordell has been practicing family law for decades. The very first office was opened more than 25 years ago by Joseph Cordell and his wife, Yvonne. Since that time, the practice has expanded considerably. Today, there are 100 offices operating in various locations across the United States, employing over 170 attorneys.

When it comes to family law, there’s too much at stake to try and handle things without the help of an experienced attorney. Trying to do it on your own could mean losing valuable assets, paying more than you should for support, or losing the custody of your children. These are not the kinds of losses that can be easily accepted, so hiring an attorney who believes in your case and will go to work for you is essential.

When it comes to the rights of the father and representing men in divorce actions, it’s rare to find a firm that will focus on the male’s perspective. Joseph Cordell knew this to be true and recognized that men needed lawyers who were interested in helping them in family law matters. It was a service that wasn’t really being provided, but all of that changed when Mr. Cordell and his wife started their first office. Today, men all over the United States can expect quality legal service and a dedicated advocate in all of their family court cases.


Men In Northeast Ohio Will Now Have Help With Their Family Law Needs

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