Are you concerned about the environment, but aren’t sure if you are doing enough? Ask yourself what you have done and what more you can do to improve the way your business runs.

Whether you are still starting out or you’ve been in the game longer than anyone else, business demands people to keep up. Long standing traditions may stand, but there are always elements that change to keep up with the world. Given the environmental issues, its time businesses make the change to be more sustainable.

Being sustainable means that the business can be supported on its own with minimal effect on the environment. There is a “take what you need” mentality, supported with efforts to reduce waste, and to reuse what you can. Each business can make its own personal efforts to be sustainable. With large companies, especially ones that are heavy on transportation, there is an emphasis to cut down on the impact of their shipping operations.

What to think about when you ship

Transportation-heavy companies have a large carbon footprint because of how much fossil fuel is used by trucks, planes, or ships in order to receive materials needed for production and send out finished products. Instead of always purchasing plastic for the bulk handling of your products, why not consider returnable packaging. This is built to last long and is very durable. It is meant to be reused and sent back. Since it is built to be reused, it ensures that your products are in good shape. This option is very cost efficient, there is no need to keep buying packaging again, and you have a higher chance of keeping your products safe. No more losses on that front.

What to think about when you print

If your company isn’t big and there are no shipments from point A to point B, consider how you print. There are ways to go paperless, with emails and devices that can read pdf documents. However, if printing is absolutely necessary, printing back-to-back and sending used paper to your local recycling plant is a simple way to reduce your impact on the environment.

What to think about when you are in the break room

Even in the company kitchen, there are ways to stay green. Have a supply of mugs and utensils that only need to be washed instead of paper or styrofoam cups for your coffee breaks. Using large reusable containers for your coffee, sugar, and the like is also a good long term solution. Investing in communal supplies reduces single packet purchases.

Being eco-friendly is about taking small steps while being aware of the larger journey. Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Make the change and be a company that goes the extra mile.



How to be an Eco-Friendly Business

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