Promotional items are popular because they require minimum investment and see maximum results.   It is a simple fact that they work.  People like to receive freebies, even if they are things they don’t need at all, and if these things happen to have your company’s details on, then you are creating a fantastic advertisement for yourself as well.  Not just that, if you happen to have a promotional item that the receiver can actually use, then other people will see it as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the fun and funky business promotional items that you could decide to invest in.


Promotional pens are some of the most popular types of things you can get.  There are a few reasons for this.  Firstly, they are incredibly cheap to get, meaning you are much more likely to see a massive return on investment.  Secondly, people actually want pens, because we always seem to be out of them when we need them.  Thirdly, they get used, which means they get seen as well.


Wristbands work particularly well for charities.  They can choose a certain colour to represent themselves (such as pink for breast cancer) and provide people with these.  These types of items work because people actually want to be seen with them.  They want to make it clear that they support a certain cause or have donated to a certain charity.  However, they tend to not work as well for profitable organisations, because there seems to be very little reason to then wear them.

Pen Holders

Pen holders are great because they can be kept on someone’s desk at their office, thereby immediately increasing your visibility to other people.  Additionally, you can create this in a lot of different shapes and sizes that can relate in some way to your organisation.  For instance, if you have a commitment to sustainability and green practices, you could use a holder shaped like a green bin.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are perfect items to promote your business.  People have stress and they are always looking for ways to better deal with that.  As such, the stress ball is the perfect item if you want to make sure it doesn’t just end up in someone’s bag never to be seen again.  The health benefits of these balls are well-documented, so people are enthusiastic about them.  Additionally, they are great if your company has a focus on health issues, for instance.


Finally, there are bags.  You can use these to print your logo, company name or anything else on them.  You can even have your company endorsed by celebrities or members of the community, and ask them to draw a doodle or something else that can be printed on the bag.  The reach you can have beyond the people you actually hand the bag out to is massive, since it will get carried to different locations and in different shops.  They are useful and in high demand and although they are also often slightly more expensive, it is certainly worth paying for them.

Fun and Funky Business Promotional Items

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