Do you have employees working alone? That’s not exactly an ideal situation, as they can get injured while at work or they can be assaulted by a customer or an intruder. Employees who often worry about their safety can also have a negative effect on their productivity and your own brand’s reputation. So what you need is to have a solution in place to help make sure that you’re checking on the welfare of your employees.

But how exactly do you pick the right option among the wide range of lone worker security solutions available today? To do this, you need to make sure that the solution you choose has the following features:

It’s Affordable

Obtaining security for lone workers is an investment, and so it has to make financial sense. It shouldn’t be too expensive that it may tempt you to risk not getting any sort of solution for your workers’ welfare at all. Instead, it should be affordable enough that you can fit it within your operating budget.

Your Employees Can Use It

Security solutions should be easy and comfortable enough for your employees to use, so that they don’t hesitate to use it. It’s like offering well-fitted safety helmets and work gloves for construction sites. If these gloves and helmets are uncomfortable to use, then some of your workers may just refuse to don them. The same may happen to your lone worker security devices.

Aside from the issue of comfort, you also need to address the issue of proper training. Your workers should know how to use your security gadgets properly, so that you can actually maximize the safety benefits for your workers. These gadgets are useless if your workers aren’t completely aware of how they’re supposed to work.

It Has GPS

Many advanced security devices have embedded GPS features, because it makes perfect sense for you (or a monitoring center) to know exactly where to send assistance should your employee find themselves in trouble. It will of course help a lot if the GPS feature is accurate.

It Should Be Discreet

If your employee encounters a dangerous criminal, then it will certainly be a plus if the security gadget on your employee isn’t noticed. It helps if these gadgets look like an innocuous part of the employee’s uniform, such as an ID card.

Controlling the gadget should also be possible without undue attention from the criminal. That’s why gadgets that look like ID cards are so useful, as your employee can hold then naturally.

It Sends Out Automated Alarms

Sometimes your employee can get hurt or sick enough that they’re unable to call for help themselves. If that’s the case, then an automated alarm should be sent from the device to a monitoring center.

Some devices can send alarms if the employee stays in one place for too long. It may be possible for a security device to also end an alarm if it’s in the wrong position, such as if it’s laid out horizontally. Some of the more advanced gadgets may even send an alarm if a criminal forcibly removes the gadget from a lanyard.

It’s Reliable

All of these features won’t help if they don’t work reliably. But how do you know if they’re reliable? For that, you have to check reviews on the device and see just how many people have used it.

If you can find any sort of lone worker security solution that offers all these features, then that’s the one you should get. Don’t settle for anything less, so that you won’t have to face accusations of not doing the best you can to ensure the safety of the people who work for you.

Crucial Features of Lone Worker Security Solutions

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