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Q: why do you eat tires? Release Time: 2017-03-17 48:09:17 Publisher: Marketing Department

A: eating tires refers to abnormal wear and tear of tires. There are many reasons for eating, and the phenomenon of eating tires is varied.

1. generally have the following reasons:

1) suspension, installation or adjustment problems;

2) some parts of the suspension have quality problems or have been damaged, and the suspension will change after the adjustment;

3) the axle is welded when the upper and lower supporting plates are asymmetrical;

4) quality problems of steel ring;

5) gas path quality problem. The brakes are not synchronized, the brake locking too fast, may cause a single local tire for tyres;

6) uneven distribution of vehicle gravity, resulting in uneven tire force and eating tires, this situation also includes leaf steel difference is too large, resulting in uneven force of the tire;

7) the center line deviation of the whole vehicle, there is a "zigzag" walking in the vehicle, resulting in wear on both sides of the tire.

2. and axle related reasons:

1) axle body bending caused by eating tires, such as eating tires inside the main tire. If the axle bending forward or backward, it may cover more serious.

2) brake shoes, camshaft return position is not good;

3) brake drum out of circle, resulting in each brake when the tires are stuck in the same location and rapid wear and tear.