RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) places a legal responsibility on employers to report any serious injuries, work related illnesses and near miss accidents to the legal authorities.  This is a legal requirement for all organizations regardless of whichever industry you are in. There are several reasons to ask why is RIDDOR important.

1.      Prevent major accidents from happening

By reporting minor accidents, you can help prevent major disasters from happening. This is because steps will be taken to prevent situations from escalating out of control. This will end up saving a lot of lives and a lot of money.

The information collected from minor accidents can help to provide additional security to ensure that no major accidents happen.

2.      Better data analysis

The importance of RIDDOR can also be tied to providing more data for analysis. The more data that can be collected, the easier it will be to carry out analysis based on various case scenarios. This will provide more insights about various human behaviors, systems and regulations that can lead to accidents.

In addition, the availability of data makes it possible to compare incidents between various organizations and industries. This helps to mark various benchmarks and document achievements made and any other observations.

3.      Greater employee participation

Reporting of incidents encourages employees to be more involved in their workplace and safety issues. This is because they can see that their issues are being addressed. This increases feedback and communication between employers and employees. This creates a better workplace environment and harmony.

4.      Develop a safe organizational culture

Create a culture of safety by encouraging your employees to report any safety risks that they observe in the workplace. This will make it possible for danger situations to be fixed before they are blown out of control. This is a great way to monitor potential hazards before they happen.

5.      Reduce stress at work

Employees knowing that they are at risk of having an accident or work related accident have increased stress levels while they are at work. However, if these employees realize that their concerns are being taken into consideration and that there are deliberate steps to reduce work related incidents, this will make them feel much better.

They will be able to work better knowing that accident levels have been ridiculed at the workplace. Employees should not be intimidated for reporting accidents at work.

6.      Avoid fines and penalties

The longer an employee takes to report an accident, the worse their condition might grow. It also reduces the chances of successfully maintaining a claim from their insurance company, the longer they wait. That is why it is important to report such incidents.

The employer might also have to pay a lot more money to cover the medical expenses of the employee. This might result in the company being charged higher premiums by their employers in future. The employer might also have to pay other penalties for failing to report the accident on time.

By reporting incidents on time, the company will be able to cut down on workers compensation and legal fees.



The Importance of RIDDOR

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