What is a business chauffeur?

A business chauffeur is one who drives business people, their clients, their customers and their prospects wherever they need to go. This differs from the personal chauffeur in that the chauffeur works for the business or works for a firm that caters to business people.

What are the benefits of hiring a chauffeur for business use?

Whether you pick up clients, customers, prospective new hires or returning staff via a chauffeured ride, you’ll leave a strong, positive impression. This is amplified by the assistance they get with luggage and the sense of luxury associated with someone else driving the car. This predisposes them to accepting other suggestions. On the other hand, having to fight their way through airport security and public transit poisons their mood. They may be hostile to any proposal you have other than letting them crash at the hotel.

You minimize the potential problems for foreign visitors. When they have a comfortable waiting ride, they get safe, secure transportation to their hotel or your business meeting. They won’t get lost in a strange city and possibly miss your meeting. They’re less likely to be robbed wandering the parking lot or getting out in a dangerous neighborhood.

You can save everyone time and effort. Let the chauffeur drive them from their home to the airport or pick them up at the airport and take them to the scheduled business meeting. The individual picked up doesn’t have to waste more time waiting for a rental car or fight their way through traffic. They may be able to catch up on messages, clean up or do last-minute research before the meeting. Now they’re more ready to get to business when they arrive.

You’ll also ensure that everyone is punctual, no matter where they’re coming from. The chauffeur will be at the destination early and won’t leave without their ride. You can’t guarantee this when someone is trying to catch a ride via a ride-sharing app. And it is hard to ignore a professional chauffeur sitting in front of your house, ready to take you to a meeting you’re reluctant to have.

When you give someone a chauffeured ride, you create the opportunity to have a private discussion with them. Be waiting in the car when they get in, and you have the entire car ride to talk about personal or professional matters. You’re not putting their safety at risk the way trying to argue over the cell phone while they make their way through traffic would. You’re able to discuss matters with the person in a private matter, when the same discussion may not be acceptable to have in public. After all, you don’t want to discuss proprietary information via a cell phone conversation where one or both parties are in public. Good chauffeurs understand the importance of privacy.

A chauffeur is one way to eliminate the liability of asking someone to drive to a particular location, whether it is in their car or a business vehicle. Pick up interns and drive them to your location instead of asking them to drive themselves. Pick up someone recovering from rehab or an accident in a chauffeured ride for a mandated human resources meeting. A side benefit of chauffeured rides is that it is a great way to meet someone’s accessibility needs tactfully.

The benefits of hiring a chauffeur for business use

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