With the more permanent shift to remote working and all of the challenges that come with doing so, there has been a huge uptick in individuals looking for ways to not only stay on task whilst working from the home office but also how to better organise the day to avoid distractions and get as much done as possible – it’s certainly difficult from time to time with all of the distractions, but how can you ensure you’re staying as productive as possible whilst also leaving time to not neglect other responsibilities at home?

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Move your office to a less frequented part of your home – It’s not uncommon to have your home office in your bedroom or living space, or even a smaller spare room for some, but if it’s in a location you frequent during the day or that your family frequent, it’s much harder to keep the space you need to stay on task. Relocating your home office to a space that isn’t visited as often, perhaps in the basement or garage, you’re able to create a clear divide between what is your home space and what is your new workspace – you’ll be less likely to enter your workspace when you’re not actually at work as it’s out of the way, and distractions may be less apparent as you’ve moved to a space specifically set aside for work.

Remove the distractions too – It’s easy to turn on the TV to catch part of the game and lose an hour, or to look down at your mobile phone to play on a list of betting sites not on gamstop for the latest scores and updates, but it’s also taking time away from your vital work hours. By ensuring your workspace is free from all of these distractions, and that your phone is either left out of the room if not needed for work purposes or somewhere harder to distract you – it’s ultimately down to self-control, but you can minimise the chance of being distracted if you choose to.

Stick to a routine at home – Whilst the office work life can be a bit dull, it does provide some much-needed structure to the day which is lost at home when you’re able to be much more flexible with your time. Having a day-to-day routine certainly helps with this, making sure you’re starting work at the same time and taking a decent lunch break during the day, but also that you finish on time to keep the work-life balance and not find yourself stuck to the laptop well into the evening too. Define what your daily routine will be, allow some room for flexibility, but try and stick to it much like you would in the office, and you may find your productivity increases too.

Staying Productive Whilst Working from Home

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