Construction rental is not only a profitable business in the UK, it continues to grow and it does so at a very steady pace. Statistics show that about 80% of all equipment bought is actually meant for hiring.


It’s only logical; buying a piece of construction equipment certainly isn’t cheap, and the construction business isn’t always the most profitable one. On the one hand there’s the issue of having to put down a big amount of money, and on the other hand there’s the constantly changing nature of projects and necessary tools for that venture. Here are some top reasons why it’s better to hire construction and plant equipment for your project.


Initial investment


Buying a paver or lifting equipment does not come cheap – in fact, you’re sure to be tied down financially for many years to come when you choose to acquire rather than rent. However, when you hire, you are sure your contract is only for a certain time period (depending on how long you need the construction equipment), and this avoids a great financial investment that may prove to be a mistake considering the changes in the modern construction industry.


Maintenance and repairs


Maintenance and repairs are no problem – chances are it will be included in your contract and you only have to pay a fee for it. This is to your advantage: you are no longer burdened by finding the right mechanics when things go wrong. Neither do you have to think about parts replacement nor downtime, as the company you hire from can replace the equipment right away.


Market changes


The construction industry changes constantly, and you are never sure what you will need tomorrow. Similarly, technology changes constantly as well, so you are never sure what kind of advances will show up in the market to make your construction job easier. Hiring allows you to stay flexible and take advantage of the latest trends.


Getting what you need


You get what you need – latest technology at its best. And you choose what you want according to your project. You’re not stuck with equipment you don’t need.


Eliminating headaches


Problem? You have a company, such as plant hire Lancashire specialists like Ruttle, which can give you invaluable advice.


The construction industry – like any other business – is all about cash flow; it needs to make sense. Money needs to come in to a higher degree than it flows out. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to make a long-term investment, tying up crucial money (which could be used in better ways in future projects) without the assurance that it’s all going to be worth it – and with these uncertain times, we’re never sure. Hiring plant equipment and machinery is the wave of the future – take advantage of it.


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Some Top Reasons Why it’s Better to Hire Construction and Plant Equipment for Your Project

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