After a very turbulent 2020, the start of this promised to be an opportunity for people to get their feet back underneath them and start plotting a way forward and early on investment opportunities were a space explored by many to not only broaden their own income potential but to also possibly hit it big – but investing is always a big bet, like dropping everything on red at an online casino like there were many who quickly realised the pitfalls of investing in 2021, but where have the biggest difficulties been found for those getting involved early?

The GameStop short squeeze, AMC, and others – It seemed like something of a dream for many early on, with the GameStop stock being valued at just $20 at the start of the year and quickly rising to $400 before dropping down once more during the height of the questionable stock movement, but for those who got in late it has been a much different story. Some saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, even Michael Burry, one of the few people who warned of the housing and subsequently economy collapse back in 2008 has even speculated that this could be one of the biggest market bubbles, ever, given that it had a short position unlike any other. And with other “meme stocks” like AMC starting to see huge change too, could he be right? Only time will tell, but the late investors will certainly hope so, as it has been a very difficult few months for those in the red constantly being told the promise of green will follow close behind.

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The NFT bubble and crypto – At the start of the year a new market emerged in the form of NFT’s too – built on the Ethereum blockchain, it provided a sort of digital collectors wallet for unique digital goods with tens of millions of dollars in sales racking up extremely early. Experts did warn very early on of a big bubble as the items being sold didn’t really hold any inherent value, and with environmental concerns creeping up too due to the amount of energy used to mint an NFT the market quickly collapsed – in somewhat similar news, there had been a resurgence for crypto currencies over this same period of time too with bitcoin hitting record highs and meme coins like Doge Coin making big gains too – but with the same calls for environmental responsibility, the same story happened with public figures pulling back and seeing an immediate drop with environmental concerns being cited as the reason why.

Some people have certainly hit the timing perfectly and managed to come out of all of the big change relatively unscathed and much better off, but not everyone has been so lucky as there has been a lot of uncertainty for investments so far this year, and many more changes to come.

Investing in 2021 – The Difficulty of Uncertainty

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