Scenic Byway 60 Brochure (PDF)

The Lower Wisconsin River Road along WIS 60 follows the Wisconsin River for 100 miles from Lodi to Bridgeport/Prairie du Chien. At Prairie du Chien the Great River Road National Byway intersects with the Lower Wisconsin River Road state scenic byway.

The Lower Wisconsin River Road captures the essence of rural Wisconsin, the scenic qualities of the driftless region and the splendor of the lower Wisconsin River valley. The Lower Wisconsin River Road often threads between the bluffs and the river or its backwaters. The byway has thousands of acres of public lands to explore and a variety of recreational opportunities including canoeing, angling, hunting, hiking and wildlife watching. Numerous river towns along the way have their own enticing histories and contemporary flavor. They offer a rich range of camping, lodging, outdoor recreation and archaeological pursuits.

A number of effigy and other mounds dating back 1,000 or more years are scattered throughout the corridor on public, private and tribal lands. The byway visitor will also find history relating to the European-American exploration and settlement eras. Notably, several skirmishes during the Black Hawk War of 1832 were fought in the valley, and historical markers along the way recount the foiled escape route taken by Black Hawk and his followers. The Lower Wisconsin River Road has something for everyone and in all seasons.

Location: Begins at the intersection of Interstate 90 and Wis 60 near Lodi and ends at the junction of Wis 35 (the Great River Road Scenic Byway) in Prairie du Chien.

Length: 100 miles. Allow 6 hours.

Roadway: Wis 60 is a two-lane highway that passes through the inviting communities of Lodi, Prairie du Sac, Sauk City, Spring Green, Lone Rock, Gotham, Orion, Port Andrew, Wauzeka and Prairie du Chien.

Some Highlights: Eagle Watching, Pine River Recreation Trail, access to Tower Hill State Park and Taliesen, numerous festivals ( e.g. Susie the Duck Days, Morel Mushroom Festival, Civil War re-enactments, canoe races)

Additional Information: Lower Wisconsin River Road website

You may download the Scenic Byway 60 Brochure PDf which includes a map and more information about the communities along the byway.