If you’ve been stuck in the planning phase of a proposed office relocation for months or even years, it’s probably high time to commit to the change. It can be tough to know exactly when the best time for such a major transition is, but talking big and never putting your strategies into action will only cost you more money in the end.

One way to mitigate some of the pressure and the overhead costs of a move is to sign up for a serviced office lease. These fully equipped facilities offer all of the same resources and tools that conventional leases do, but with the difference being that they are completely flexible. Tenants pay a monthly fee for a private office space, with broadband, a phone line, cleaning services, and all heating and lighting costs included.

Serviced offices are the new way to relocate a business. They make the move fast, efficient, and as affordable as possible. So, if you’re thinking about a change of scenery, ask yourself if any of the following issues are making a big move to a new office the only way forward.

You’re Afraid to Make a Change

Serviced office providers, like Servcorp, give businesses the chance to claim prestigious corporate addresses as their own. With a Servcorp serviced office package, a great location comes at a fraction of the usual cost, because there is no long-term lock in contract. Tenants pay to lease complete corporate suites, on a month by month basis. This brings expenses right down and rolls everything from a receptionist service to 24/7 IT support, video conferencing tools and more into a flat rate fee. In other words, fretting about costs or forced downtime is not a good enough reason to refuse a move.

Clients Struggle to Find Your Office

Speaking of eminent addresses; if your clients are having trouble locating you, it is definitely time to find a better office. If they can’t reach you without having a fight with the Satnav, neither can your customers and presence is everything when it comes to future success. Aside from sending a bad impression, a hard to find location upsets things on a practical level as well. Visitors get lost, they turn up late, and the momentum of the meeting is lost in apologies and wholly avoidable platitudes.

You Have Outgrown the Facilities

When you first moved into your current workspace, it might have been perfect in every way. The problem is that businesses change and develop at a rapid pace. It isn’t long, particularly for smaller companies, before needs start to outweigh existing facilities. You might be struggling to find power points to accommodate all of your equipment, for example. You may need to squeeze in a couple more desks but just can’t find the room. It might even be something as simple as a lack of parking spaces for employees.

Your Current Office is More Drab than Fab

One of the fastest ways to demotivate employees is to force them to work in an environment that is uninspiring. It might be too small, have outdated décor, require a tiring commute, or just lack that special something. Whatever it is, that magic needs to be rediscovered and serviced offices are a cost efficient solution. As tenants pay a flat rate to access a complete service – including IT maintenance and utility costs – responsibility for the overall aesthetic and everyday functioning of the site is handed over to the third party provider.

Why Making the Move to a New Office Can Be Lots of Fun

When it comes to relocating a business, the key to success is minimal downtime. The longer you spend not communicating with customers and suppliers, the more money you stand to lose. This is why serviced office solutions are the best choice for companies looking to create a seamless transition between the old and the new. They are affordable, extremely flexible, and they could be the future of your business.

How to Know When an Office Move Is Right for Your Business

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