Keeping stress at bay in the workplace is vital to maintaining productivity and mental wellbeing. Feeling stressed day-in day-out can feel like a vicious cycle and can affect your mood outside of the workplace. As much as you might enjoy your job, your environment has a huge bearing on how you feel and making small changes could make for a much happier workplace. Employer and employees take note; here are a few steps you can take:


It is human nature to want to socialise with other people and if your work environment makes this difficult then it’s easy to feel isolated. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, spend that half an hour with colleagues. Plan social events outside work to increase familiarity and build relationships with other people – simply going for a few drinks once a month can really make a difference.

Be organised

Clutter, rubbish and mounds of paperwork on your desk do not make for a stress-free workspace. Get organised and make sure you file paperwork and put rubbish where it belongs! You could even add a little Feng Shui to your desk. In the same way as you might use Feng Shui in your home, arranging your desk so that it provides the smoothest possible flow of energy may help your mood and creativity.


Space and light are important when it comes to a work environment, particularly if you work in an office. Open the blinds to let light in and keep a couple of windows open so you have a steady stream of fresh air. A dark and stuffy room can make you feel lethargic and depressed.

So, whether you’re an employer who’s looking to make some positive changes to the workplace, or an employee who just wants to feel a little happier at work, give some of these tips a try.

How To Create A Stress-free Work Environment

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