“We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.” – Donald Trump


There is no doubt that every move that Donald Trump makes as the 45th President of the United States of America is carefully scrutinised by the global media (and the general public). Some of his statements are outrageous, making a mockery of himself, his cabinet, and the American nation as a whole, while some of his pronunciations make sense, certainly in terms of growing the American economy.


Will the financial markets survive?


Will the global financial markets learn to ignore his outrageous pronunciation and look for positives in his tenure as US president?


There is no doubt that, while he does not think before he speaks, his business proposals seem to be good for the USA economy. His detractors might accuse me of taking his side; however, while I am not a political expert, and this is solely my opinion, he seems to genuine in his wish to grow the American economy. It appears as though his execution is the problem.


A good example is the wall that he is insisting on building between the USA and Mexico. I believe that his wish to tighten the border controls between the two countries to slow down the influx of drugs and illegal migrants is a good thing. It must also be said that increasing the number of federal construction projects will also go a long way towards reducing the unemployment figures. However, his solid execution of these points leaves much to be desired.


Federal construction projects cost federal money. The easiest way to fund new projects is to take away existing funding from projects that are deemed to be not as important as the new projects. Ergo,  Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the USA-Mexico border is deficient in itself; however, cutting the Coast Guard’s budget will not only reduce the organization’s effectiveness, it will open up the coastal ports and towns for drug smugglers. Consequently, there will be a big wall running along the border between the two countries, but it will have no preventative effect as the coastal smuggling routes will not longer be effectively policed.


Financial markets: cause and effect


We are not all designed to be federal construction workers; ergo, every facet of the American job sector is equally important to the overall growth and sustainability of the national economy. For example, financial market investors (along with other role players) play an important part in the growth and development of the economy. In fact, short-term traders, as opposed to long-term investors are often responsible for the liquidity in the financial markets, and by extension, the economy.


Worst case economic scenario


Simplistically stated, if we take the worst-case scenario where the American financial markets refuse to believe that anything Donald Trump does is good, then they stand a good chance of collapsing, causing thousands of investors and traders to lose their investments. This will, in turn, drive the USA back into a depression equal to or greater than the Great Depression.


Consequently, this scenario begs the question:  “how do you survive the challenges of financial market trading while you wait for the global markets to make up their minds about whether they are going to ignore Donald Trump’s negatives or not?”


Surviving market volatility


The most important way to ensure trading success during these uncertain, volatile times, is to make sure that you partner with a reputable, reliable broker. There are many online trading brokerage firms available for you to sign up with. Some brokers are bona fide, while others are dodgy. For example, online trading platforms such as Lionexo are reputable. Their mission and sole aim is to assist you to trade successfully in spite of all market conditions.


Final words


In my opinion, Donald Trump is certainly not a politician. He is not a wordsmith; therefore, he is not skilled in using words to smooth ruffled feathers and make people feel as though he is the right man for the job. Is he a good businessman? I don’t know. He has certainly made it seem as though he is a very successful businessman. Is he infallible? No, I don’t believe he is. The length of time that he stays in control of one of the largest economies in the world is largely dependant on the results he produces. Do I trust him to do what is right for all of the American people, not just one race, income bracket, and social class? No I don’t, and I suspect that will ultimately lead to his downfall.

Donald Trump: Infallible? Politician? Businessman?

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