Diesel will be powering 70% of vehicles within the next six years, according to a new report published recently. Petrol is responsible for powering most vehicles in the transport industry at the moment. Diesel is expected to surpass petrol as the most used fuel by 2020. One of the main reasons for this is that in the years to come, transport costs are likely to rise and people will start looking for cheaper alternatives.

Around the world, 25% of the diesel used comes from airline and the marine industries. Currently only about 12% of the world’s fuel consumption comes from these industries. However, the majority of the growth will come from emerging nations.

Worldwide, there are approximately 800 million vehicles at the moment. This is predicted to reach 1.6 billion by 2040. Growth in the petrol industry is expected to remain relatively flat in the next 26 years. This is because energy-efficient vehicles will become more prominent and therefore sales of fuel powered cars will fall.

Hybrid cars are powered by electricity as opposed to fuel, which is commonly used to power vehicles nowadays. So in the future, it won’t just be diesel and petrol that’s powering vehicles. By 2040, 40% of vehicles are likely to be hybrid.

We depend on oil too much nowadays. However, vehicles will be powered by alternative methods by 2040 and we won’t be relying on fuel as much. However, before traditional vehicles are completely written off, they will still be very common for the next few years as problems with hybrid vehicles need to be addressed before they really take off. In order for traditional vehicles to stay efficient, they are constantly being improved as technology develops.

This item was written by Brian Madden; Online Advertising Assistant at Crown Oil.

Diesel to Be the Top Global Transportation Oil

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