There is no such thing as just one role within psychology. In fact, psychology jobs can come in so many different forms of specialisation, it can be quite daunting choosing a path to specialise in. In this article, we will try and break down some of the areas of speciality a little more, suggesting what character traits could lend themselves to these various paths. Hopefully this will shed some much needed light on the matter when it comes to choosing your own path in psychology.


One of the most popular specialisations to pursue is clinical psychology. In this role, you will be helping those with a wide variety of physical and mental health problems. These could include problems such as: anxiety, depression, adjustments to a change in physical health, eating disorders and addictive behaviours. Most universities offering postgraduates in psychology will offer an MSc course in clinical psychology. This level of education is great to pursue psychology jobs, but also can be a way into entering other roles, such as an alcohol and drug recovery worker. These sorts of roles will have psychological aspects to them, but will also have a broader approach to welfare.


Therefore, if you know there are many aspects to psychology that appeal to you, yet during your undergraduate, you are yet to discover a specific passion within psychology, clinical psychology might be worth exploring. Leaving many other options open to you.


If you are looking for something more specific, then perhaps consider health psychology. In short, this promotes a healthy lifestyle, and makes sure those using the healthcare system are coping on a psychological level. You could be helping with those adjustments to serious illnesses. Or it might be a case of using psychology to promote more healthy lifestyles, to people who are smokers, obese, suffering from long term illness, etc.


If you extremely enjoy the actual learning side of psychology, perhaps a career in academia is more suited to you than the practical application of your degree. This is of course only relevant to someone who is stimulated heavily by the research process. As research, and independent study will be a large aspect of your life if you pursue this path. This could result in you being a lecturer in psychology, or a researcher with a specific university. Going along this sort of career path can also be beneficial in helping you discover more niche sides of psychology that you may wish to specialise in at a later date.


Choosing your specialty in Psychology

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