Whilst working in an office environment, a lot of bosses and even colleagues are looking for ways to improve productivity from start to finish, whatever industry you are in. Due to the rapid rise in technology that we have seen over the past couple of decades, there have been many applications created now designed specifically for the office environment and that will help productivity and below we investigate some of the best on the market and which ones should be downloaded and used.

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In the office environment, time is of the essence, and many will say that time is money so trying to figure out where and how you are using your time is highly important. The app Toggl is a great way in which you can track how long you are spending on each task, whether that be with clients, performing tasks, lunch, e-mailing etc. Toggl will then collect the data and create charts for you and reports on how you are using your time so you can see where you can save time across your day.

When we are in the office, we are always making to-do lists for tasks that we need to complete throughout the day, however if this was all on an app which we could connect with other colleagues from work, then this would be extremely helpful. Trello is an app in which you can create cards (lists) and share them with fellow team members, attaches photos and documents, create reminders and due dates, and even add descriptions and links and has become one of the most popular apps within the office environment.

This next application goes without saying that it is clearly the most popular application for office workers and it’s the productivity suite Office 365. Office 365 comes with a whole host of productivity apps which are all helpful in their own ways. Outlook can be used for all of your e-mails with colleagues and clients, Word for all your documentations, Excel for all your spreadsheet work and Teams which is the best project work app for all of your teamwork which is rather impressive.

Best Applications To Use For Productivity In The Office Environment

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