A franchise is a joint venture between a franchisee and franchisor. A franchisee buys the right from a franchisor to copy a business format. A franchisor, on the other hand, sells the right to use a business idea in a particular location.

Many franchises that you come in contact with everyday are franchises, such as fast food chains. Opening a franchise is deemed less risky than setting up as independent retailer, as it is supported by the pre-existing foundation of a proven business model. To begin the journey of having your own franchise, take a look at franchises for sale and see what is available. The options are endless!

This infographic takes a look at the world’s biggest franchises, picking apart the important statistics that make them who they are today. There is no doubt that you recognise the majority of franchises featured on this infographic – you have probably seen at least one of their names mentioned today already!



An Insight in to The World’s Biggest Franchises

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