Those of you who have already upgraded to a newer mobile device may already have access to the 5G network as it has been rolled out in many countries for a number of months now, but for everyone else you may be waiting for your next upgrade and have seen the many advertisements for 5G ready – but what does 5G mean and how does it help you, and what use will you gain from it?

Simply put – it’s a faster connection with an increased capacity over what 4G could allow, and as our data usage continues to grow the demand and need for this increased speed is definitely needed. The current estimated data usage per month is around 2.3 GB, this is expected to increase to over 11 GB per user per month by 2022 – 4G had given the opportunity to change the way many of their smartphones used the internet, streaming content became increasingly popular – many will look to the speeds as a sign of the improvement as 5G can boast speeds of up to 20 Gbps, for reference this is fast enough to download a movie in a couple of seconds for most – but it’s more than just the speed that’s impressive – an increasing capacity as 5G moves to a different frequency which allows for more possibility on where the network can be used from but also to how many can be using it without slowing speeds or reduced connectivity. 

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The increasing speed is a big benefit for those at home, as often it can be a faster connection speed that even that of their home internet and wifi – but also to help connection abroad too as 5G continues to be available in different parts of the world. Mobile gaming has become a big area that many of us spend our time both home and away, and as there are more non uk casinos than you think the opportunities to use services like this only become more available as connectivity continues to improve. The same is also true for the way we share content through social media – sharing a video requires more data than watching one and as such the increasing  connectivity provides more opportunities here too.

With the introduction of 5G it’s likely to be here for a long time until demand for something faster with bigger capacity is required – for those of you who like to consume streamed content through your smartphone this will feel like a huge jump in connectivity for areas that may have seemed previously spotty or slow – for those who may be a little behind the curve and were yet to experience 4G properly yet, moving from the slower prior connections to 5G will feel like a world of difference. Despite some of the current misinformation that may be spreading around what 5G is and what it may be doing – the introduction of this is very good news for mobile users and will play its part in ushering in a new form of data usage for us all.

5G and You – The Next Step In Mobile Internet

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