So you’ve found a great group of accountants in Glasgow. While the accountants will be carrying out a service for you, there are many things you can do in order to make their job easier – and allow them to work with the minimum disruption to you and your staff. Here’s what you need to consider before your accountants start working for you.

  1. Keep Accountants Informed

Make it easier for accountants in glasgow to do their job by keeping them informed about any changes there may be to your business, including changes to the product you sell or your market, your business strategy, your bookkeeping methods, or your key staff.

  1. Keep Your Books Organised

It is a good idea for both you and your accountants if you keep your books and records in good, organised order. This will allow accountants in Glasgow to accurately prepare and audit accounts. You will also be able to see more clearly, in between visits from the accountant, where your business is progressing. Make sure your books are regularly balanced and that you file invoices in order.

  1. Establish Certain Procedures

You can work with accountants in Glasgow to set these up initially, and these include procedures to control accounts, reconciliations, and stocktake. Controlling accounts means recording all movements of cash and keeping records of how much you are owed. Reconciling means looking at your bank and control accounts, and supplier statements. Stock should be counted at least annually and items should be kept in neat order in order to make the count easier.

  1. Prepare Schedules

Accountants can prepare these schedules but so can you – doing so will save money and time. Schedules include preparing stock takes, a list of debtors at year end, fixed assets, a schedule listing all your bank balances and your cash balances at year end along with a schedule for maintaining bank statements, and a list of creditors including your business suppliers.

Not all of these actions are applicable to all businesses. In order to decide how best to prepare for an appointment, talk to your accountants for their initial advice. It is a good idea to start off on the same page, whereby you can work together more effectively in order to develop a strong set of accounting standards and ways of keeping systems efficient and accurate.


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4 Ways to Prepare for Your Accountant Appointment in Glasgow

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