Ecommerce businesses are increasingly making use of a business service that can make the difference between success and failure for their venture. Distribution has always been a tricky aspect of business to get right, and as specialist, outsourced forms of fulfilment and distribution have become more affordable and accessible, ecommerce firms are taking advantage.

Pick and pack distribution is an ideal way to solve many business problems and supply a streamlined solution to fulfilment. Here are some of the benefits of pick and pack distribution and the ways in which is helps businesses thrive.

What Exactly is Pick and Pack?

Pick and pack distribution is where a business sends their products to a warehouse facility for storage, and once they are ordered by customers they are picked from the shelves, repackaged, and sent  out.

  1. Pick and Pack is Cost Effective

Pick and pack is a cost effective way to deal with the issue of fulfilment. Smaller businesses and ecommerce businesses usually do not have the resources to run their own fulfilment centre, and outsourcing this function is more economical. The provider reduces costs by assigning the space to different companies and therefore these costs are spread out, and not covered by one business alone.

  1. Offers a Sophisticated Stock Management System

Setting up an inventory or stock management system can be costly and time consuming. It is also difficult to get right, unless you have significant experience and skill in stock management. The benefits of using a pick and pack system include having this stock management system already set up to go. Staff know where stock is and will pick and pack it quickly and efficiently. Any stock that is bought or returned automatically updates the inventory and the business can see in real time how stock levels are faring.

  1. Pick and Pack is Efficient

Nowadays customers expect timely delivery of their items they buy online. If you cannot deliver this, you will be losing customers. A pick and pack service processes orders quickly and efficiently, meaning that customers get the right products, on time. Products are well-labelled and well-packaged.

  1. Pick and Pack Lowers Stress Levels

It can be really difficult to manage product fulfilment and it is a great source of stress for ecommerce and small businesses. Taking this stress away gives you the time and space to focus on growing the business, and not worrying about whether products are being delivered properly. You know your products are being sent out on time, to the right people, so this source of stress is eliminated.


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4 Reasons Why a Pick and Pack Service Benefits Business

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