For over 25 years, Human Appeal, international aid and development charity, has funded and supported a number of projects around the globe. In this blog, we take a look at just three of its initiatives and how the charity has made a difference to those who need it most.

  1. Training doctors in Syria

Since the war started in 2011, Syria has been a country of violence, fear and uncertainty. The reality of this ongoing crisis is alarming and devastating, with statistics showing that an estimated 400,000 civilians have lost their lives. What’s more, people are getting injured on a daily basis, meaning that the medics in Syria are under pressure on a continual basis. However, due to the difficult circumstances in which they are operating, these professionals are often extremely under resourced.

From the donations it receives, Human Appeal is able to support the doctors of Syria through its training programme. This five day course offers hands-on training, providing doctors with vital skills, such as the latest techniques in trauma surgery and resuscitation. As a result, these medics are better equipped to offer their services to those who need it most.

  1. Providing safe water in Gaza

For many years, Gaza has been in a state of conflict. The war has destroyed the territory’s only power plant and its water and sanitation systems. As a result, thousands of men, women and children are left without access to the vital services they need to survive, such as clean, safe water.

In fact, over 90 per cent of the water in Gaza is unfit to drink, meaning that civilians are at a higher risk of developing a number of illnesses, such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure and renal failure. Some families resort to spending up to a third of their income on buying water from unregulated vendors which is often contaminated too.

Fortunately, Human Appeal is on hand to help. With the donations it has received so far, the charity has been able to provide clean water for over 200,000 people. It also has plans to build a water desalination plant on the Gaza coastline. The plant will provide enough clean, safe water for around 600,000 civilians, as well as offering employment opportunities for the local community.

  1. Rebuilding lives in Yemen
    For the people of Yemen, life is tough. The ongoing conflict has left nearly 1.5 million people internally displaced, and it’s estimated that over 80 per cent of the population are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Over 14 million people are food insecure and a further 19 million civilians are without access to clean water. It’s reported that 300,000 children are malnourished, and 1.8 million boys and girls are unable to attend school.

Through its Yemen Crisis Appeal, Human Appeal has been able to help rebuild the lives of thousands of people. So far, it’s provided over 4,000 households with food parcels and delivered safe, clean drinking water to 7,500 families. It has also educated 23,000 people about the cause and spread of disease, helping to improve sanitation and save lives.

In order to continue its work in Syria, Gaza, Yemen and many other countries around the globe, Human Appeal needs your help. To find out how you can make donation, you can visit


3 Human Appeal Projects You Should Know About

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